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What We Do

At The Playcheck, we wear two hats – that of a recruiter and an influencer marketing agency. We specialize in:


1. Recruiting Placements: Navigating the complex landscape of career opportunities, we match former college athletes with fulfilling roles in social media, content creation, and sales, ensuring their jobs are as engaging as the sports they love.


2. Influencer Partnerships: We bridge the gap between current college athletes and businesses, crafting NIL influencer deals that resonate with audiences while providing tangible value to brands.

The Playcheck distinguishes itself by forging a path that celebrates the work ethic and influence of college athletes. Our approach not only accelerates the transition from sport to career but also ensures that each partnership and placement is as unique as the athletes themselves. We believe in careers that feel less like work and more like the sports our athletes grew up playing.

Whether you're a graduating athlete looking to dive into the world of social media and content creation or a brand eager to unleash the power of influencer partnerships, The Playcheck is your new teammate. Together, let’s turn the page from college athletics to professional success stories.

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